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Time is money and you will waste both dealing with this company. Everything that is mentioned in their profile is totally the opposite. They will make you jump through hoops to prove yourself and then will set up a program that will set you up for failure, meaning that they will increase the

Very helpful, and excellent informative with all I needed to know.

Banking is a business, its a privlidge, not a right. You do not walk into a store and say I will take this and that, and take it for free. Yes, banks have fees, and they are allowed to have them. This $5 check cashing fee is imposed on non-customers possibly to elimante fees for people who

Local Reverse Mortgage company with offices in Hampton and Va Beach. Fast processing and no out of pocket cost. Get rid of you mortgage payment and or receive tax-free cash.

I was severely injured while working on a commercial fishing vessel. Because of my injuries, I lost my ability to earn income at the level I did before my accident. My unpaid bills were mounting, my credit was wrecked, and I used up all my savings just to keep my family afloat. It got so bad

I think Chase is a Horrible Bank. This bank screwed me out of 400.00 anyone else want to lose money Go To Chase! They will get ya everytime

This place is great for an emergency, however USE CAUTION! A $700 loan takes one year to pay off, at approx. $88 per paycheck equalling a grand total of $2,112 to borrow $700. that's a vacation or a whole lotta bills. User beware.

Great service. i use them all the time!

Our Company went to Heartland bank to receive a loan. We were treated terribley and they had no Customer Service skills. I do not recommend doing business with this bank.

I have been with Chase bank for 3 1/2 years now and I have multiple complaints. First of all they like to charge insufficient funds fees. One of their policies that I had to learn the hard way is that when you make a CASH deposit anytime after 5 pm, the deposit will not be credited until the

The people here are always helpful and friendly. They make sure I know when my loan is due, and how many more times I can roll it over.

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My name is michael newton and i owe bank of america about 70 dollars otherwise you will close my account i just want you to know that i will be coming in today to pay that off! thank you for you time! Michael Newton

These guys were a big help to me. Quick loan, easy to get approved.

Makes borrowing money easy and really helped me when I needed it. Thanks Guys :)

You should put your hour of operations at each store site

Very helpful in those times of need. I have had several and they work fast.

Super place, great people, very friendly, easy to use. Go here if you need this kind of service. You will be very pleased. The manager is super. good luck!

The app is easy to fill and quick! Jeanne and Jennifer are wonderful and pleasant to deal with.

It is so nice to come to a place where your treated so great, always with a smile.

I've always been treated nicely at Rapid Cash. Doen't take long to finish a transaction. I like the idea of the little gold card so that I don't have to shout out information. Thank You. Janis

I lived here for several years, but they started jacking up the rents a few years back. The building itself is nice - it had good facilities and a nice, big, spacious gym. The BBQ/picnic area was nice for summer gatherings. The doormen (Dave, Ben) were always very nice. But the property management

First State Bank was very good to me. It was a real pitty that I had to close my account from them. If I would do it agin I would.

Anyone know what happened to Invest Academy? Their phone number goes straight to voicemail.

A bit over priced. Two other pawn shops within 1 mile and they won't budge on the prices

My sister-in-law referred us here, my other-sister-in-law here, and we opened an account for our (now) five-month-old daughter here. There's virtually never a long line, and never a long wait even when the transaction takes longer than you expected. It's very calming in the bank itself, and

Not a bad place, good selection of used guns, transfer fee is a bit high on special (prepaid-no risk) orders

Greast service. can not ask for more keep up the good work the workers really cares about you.

We have used Beneficial twice and have had nothing but excellent and friendly service that met our needs perfectly.

This is a gem in the world of check cashing establishments. For me it's close to home, it's conveinent and they are always working hard make sure that you've got everything you need. I've been cashing checks and maintaining a prepaid debit card with them for years. The overall performance of

I love shopping at the summit in the spring and summer; that doesn't stop me from shopping there in the winter and fall however! my favorite stores are children's place, gap, old navy, lane bryant, and rack room shoes. they seem to have lower prices than the malls. i also like celebrity kids

Excellent customer service. Very friendly. Did not have to wait long at all even though the store itself is pretty small.

This is a good general check service all around, but you should know that the lines can become quite long; making the wait time long, too. Early morning (9am) is your best bet. Under new ownership, however, they have phased out ALOT of services- best to call ahead to be sure they can help you.

I think that the best employee there will have to be Katrina Weaver because she shows great people skills. She is alwaye there to please the customers. She don't show when a customer makes her angry. She just goes right with the words. the customers always right.

My sister and I went there today to sell some diamond earrings, the old man working was the rudest person I have ever dealt with.What horrible customer service I received.I would not recommend the place to my worst enemy.

MOTHER WADDLES STAFFER- I've been a customer here for sooo many years. I'm very satisfied.

Planning for your financial future is a combination of patience, knowledge, and luck. John provides the knowledge by his commitment to absorb the information needed to be an expert in financial planning.Combine this expertise with a solid personal charactor and you get a good leader. John makes

I would recommend this to all business owners!

I've been doing business with Don Principe for the last two years. As a professional he is the best in the business. Always willing to help, whether you're buying a $80,000 home or a $400,000 loan, first time homebuyer or fifth time homebuyer, Don is dedicated to all his clients and always


I've been doing business with this company for a while and i just want to say they do a great job and the people there are realistic and thats one of the things i love about them. i moved out of state and still continued coming to them they are great.

Have had the very best service at this branch. The officer Roberto Ramirez helped mr to replace my debit card. He made an anxious situation pleasant and easy. I appreciate a Wachovia branch that serves all my banking needs and wher ethe staff is so enjoyable!

I was concerned customer. I go to the one that is on Nimitz. The girls that work there do not have any protection what so ever, like the one on berretania. They work behind the glass protection. The girls at Nimitz have no protection what so ever. How can you have people dealing with money

Good morning, I would like to say the people at this establishment are very very good, actually both places, on Orchard, and downtown on Main st. Always have a good attitude and will work with anybody to give them the best deal, even if it means going a little lower than they were going to

As a employee there, we have the best customer service and customers say we have the cleanest store!

It was actually alot better than I had expected. I had never gone to a place like this before but the girls there were very professional just like you were dealing with a bank teller. I was very satisfied with the service.

They will take your money an when you think its paid off you still owe more.shut them down


I went into this bank to get assistance with my grandmother's account and the quality of service that I received exceeded any customer service that I had EVER received in the banking industry! I decided to open my own account with BOA and to this date, I am still pleased with the quality service.

The service here is fast, I needed money right away and you guys were able to help me out.