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Recently Received Quotes
Debt ConsolidationPyatt, AR

Debt consolidation and vehicle repairs. Need to pay off some debts, and have cash available for vehicle repairs.

Money For ChristmasMarion, SC

Personal loan for 800 dollars, on household furniture.

Personal FinanceWilmington, DE

Personal loan for $7,000.00. No home to use as collateral. Bad Credit but don't want to consolidate. Would like to pay off bills directly. No payday loans please.

Money To Help A Friend, Bad Credit, Two JobsSan Jose, CA

$3000 Personal Loan to Help friend pay shoplifting charges that his ex-girlfriend racked up as a minor. He was charged uknowingly and as default because she was a minor at the time. Can make good monthly payments.

A personal unsecured loan that will be repaid in monthly instalmentsSnellville, GA

Personal loan of $3,000.00 which will be repaid in equal monthly instalments.

Bad Credit Personal LoanAppleton, WI

Looking for a bad credit personal loan for $1500.00. Currently rebuilding my credit, have 4 newer accounts in good standing and current. Have worked full time for 14 years straight between 2 jobs. Reliable.

Debt consolidation loanDelaware City, DE

My husband and I are trying to get a loan to consolidate our credit cards. My credit score is 615 and my husbands is a little lower. We have a co signer that can back us up. We need 25000.00 to pay off cards. We have registered with a firm to do a monthly pay off but would prefer to get a loan with set interest rate. I think if we can get a loan and pay them off and just have one monthly payment would...

Personal loan: payoff fathers funeral, buy car and have about $3000 for security.Ontario, CA

$20,000.00 - personal loan: payoff fathers funeral, buy car and have about $3000 for security.

Personal LoanAustin, TX

I would like to get a quote for 900.00 dollars. I would like to pay it in monthly payments.

Peronal LoanPhoenix, AZ

To fix up house, fresh paint new appliances payoff a credit card, monthly payments. Can use 2005 toyota rav4 as collateral.

House BrokeMountlake Terrace, WA

I'm "house poor". Upside down by 30 grand in a house that I don't like. Strapped for cash and can't save for retirement or have a good time spending $$$ now. Want to go back to renting and get out of my mortgage. Need advice please! I don't have a "portfolio". My interest rate is high and I'm too upside down to refinance.

Collateral Loan Needed ASAP!Kansas City, MO

I would like to find a lender for either an unsecured or secured personal loan. I have a vehicle for collateral to use. Thank you.

3D CDROM Imagebooster projectChatsworth, CA

I need direct lender for payday advance $300, or personal/business loan $7,000 to be paid in installments. I get SSDB, but I wiil be securing major funding for a software development project in 3D, and 3D calendar project for 2011. Please help me immediately.

Starting schoolBurlington, KY

I will be starting school this coming Monday, May 10,2010. I am in need of a loan for school supplies and for my transportation.

WeddingCincinnati, OH

$5,000 personal loan payable over at least two years.

Delivery Service ContractorHouston, TX

To restart delivery service. Tires, insurance, and fuel.

Debt consolidationScottsburg, IN

Request quote for $30,000 loan with a four year term.

Car LoanCusseta, AL

I'm trying to get a loan to get a 2005 mercury marnior, the pay off on it is 2,500.

First time home buyerNorth Berwick, ME

I need a personal loan for 100,000.00. I need it to purchase my new home in FL i had picked out.

I need to borrow some moneyGreensburg, KY

I need to borrow 2600 dollars. Is there a way you can loan that? I can pay 200 dollars a month back to you.

Consolidation of billsBrownsville, TX

Requesting 10000 dollars to consolidate my bills at this time.

LoanKlamath Falls, OR

Need a loan to help me get back on my feet until my house sales.

Personal LoanMinden, LA

I am looking for a quote on a small loan - $800.00 to $1000.00.

New PorchGastonia, NC

Personal loan for improvements on exisiting porch of my home.

Personal Cash Advance, repaid in 30 daysOld Lyme, CT

I need a personal loan for 2500.00 asap to assist my daughter. I can repay the loan in 30 days.

Need a personal loan to catch up on billsBoston, MA

Personal loan to pay some bills and get back on track with my finances to live within a budget.

Vacation and debt consolidationWaterford, CA

Personnel loan for $1000- $2500. Loan will be used for a family vacation and debt consolidation.

Personal loanPineville, MO

Would like to borrow $7000.00 to pay off my husbands funeral cost, and catch up on a few bills with low monthly payments, no pay day loans.

Personal loanCranston, RI

Looking for 2500.00 for debt consolidation - i have a 2006 Mustang for collateral.

Need cash low credit scoreDover, DE

Personal loan or car loan am 5000 in debt and really need help behind on past due bills and do not want to lose my place have kids and sometimes walk to work because car is broke down.

Debt ConsolidationSmyrna, TN

I would like to borrow $8000.00 for debt consolidation.

Debt reduction loanMilwaukee, WI

Spending too much in finance and late fees need a solution.

To pay off bill, get out of debtTy Ty, GA

I am a 22 year old female. I am living with a roommate, and still having bad debt. I would like to pay off everything at once. I need new tires for jeep, and I don't have the money for that as well. I would like be some what stressfree, and i believe this loan will help me in paying off my debts. I would like to go from 12 bills, to at least half of that. I would like to help my roommate out and pay...

Short -term loan requestHardy, AR

$1200.00 loan using 2 deeds on seperate lotd as collateral.

Personal loanGastonia, NC

I am looking for a loan so that i can payback a previous 401k loan so that i can reborrow from my 401k. I need to do this to help my daughter pay her college tuition fees.

250 32" TVsRaleigh, NC

I'm looking for Equipment financing for our hotel. I'm looking to purchase 250 32" TVs. Please contact the above. Thanks, Mandi.

Car loanWestminster, CO

15000 to 20000. To pay off my wifes car loan and buy a work truck. I can't afford double car payments. But this way I can.

Car loanInwood, WV

1600 to purchase a car that will cost me 1700 I have 100 to put towards the car.

Financing for a New Business.Sneads Ferry, NC

I need a business loan for a start up business. My credit is very good.

Car LoanIndianapolis, IN

Need $3,000 loan for car repairs. Would like to pay monthly payments.

Colleratal loanGreeneville, TN

We need to borrow 7150.00 and put up the deed to his land. We this amount for several reasons legal matters, payoff personal debt to family members, home decor improvement

Personal loanCleveland, NC

6,000 dollar to reduce a rate of 29% finance charge on a med bill.

Bills & christmasKokomo, IN

Would like to borrow $3000.00 to catch up on bills & for christmas.

Christmas loanAnderson, IN

I got a flyer in the mail about Christmas loans from personal Finance with no credit check. I would like to inquire about a $2,000 loan for montly payments of $110.00. I can have it withdrawn from my bank account of the 15th of each month. I make around $3,000 per month. You can contact me via email or phone.

Personal Loan (Secured or Unsecured - have 2001 Nissan Altima Title I can put)Mount Ephraim, NJ

Looking for a $2,800.00 loan at around 10% for 18 months. I want to pay off my Title Loan for above car and payoff & cancel a couple credit cards & get new or used tires. Trying to get back onto my feet. I have a steady job but I have 3 mortgages which takes one paycheck. I can handle repaying this loan. I currently pay $130.00 a month for just one bill -- it that's taken care of and other...

To complete constructionAugusta, GA

Mortage to complete my new home which is 65% complete.

Personal loanDover, DE

I need a personal loan. I am employed full time. I am working two jobs. My credit rating is around 590.

Help - need emergency $2,000 for upcoming medical and other expenses due to brain surgeryCharles Town, WV

$2,000.00 to cover upcoming medical and other expenses. I am having brain surgery at John Hopkins in Baltimore, MD.

Small personal loanColumbia, SC

I am currently seeking a small personal loan to help build my credit and help me get some items for my recent move-in. I am currently recieving Social Securiy therfore retired, I only have one long standing, good account which is with T-Moble,Thank you.

Ms margaret l lewisWestcliffe, CO

Home equity loan -- I'm really under a lot of medical and credit card bills. My property is worth about 600,000 and i only have a first for 241,000.

Personal Using my North Carolina Teachers Retirement as CollateralKeeling, VA

I would like to get a quote using my North Carolina Teachers Retirement as collateral for $3,000 to be paid over 2 years. I have bad credit.

Loan to payoff debtsFall River, MA

I am looking for a personal loan of $7,500.00. I am looking to do this as soon as possible.

My car needs to get fixDuluth, GA

I need to get 1500 to fix my car because that is the only way to move around my son when he has to go to school.

Need a new house for my four childrenLocust Grove, VA

I need money to get out of my mother-in-laws house. I have four children. My husband, their father, passed away in Jan of 2010. It is time to get on with our lives. The trailer we live in is a two bedroom. It measures 10x50, the roof leaks, the furnace doesn't work. It is way too small and we need to move soon.

I need a personal loan for personalLoganville, GA

I need a loan for 2900 dollars. I have a fee to get my license back and need the loan to pay it so I don't lose my job.

MortgageMuncie, IN

For a mortgage for a new house at the amount of 70000.

BillsBuckner, IL

Loans for bills and other things me and my kids need.

Catch up some bills get an attorneyLexington, NC

Personal Loan for $3000-$5000 need to catch up some bills and secure an attorney for a matter with some old property that I had with my ex-husband. My name is suppose to be off the loan and IS off the property, but my federal tax refunds have went to pay for this property in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Personal loan to save family homeMadison, CT

I need $18,000 to save the home my wife grew up in and her grandfather built.

Request for a personal loan of 5000 dollarsLexington, KY

I would like to see about borrowing $5,000, my credit is not very good, but i am working on repairing, i do have a banking account where the monthly payments can be taken from, i am even willing to put up the first 5 months payment as collateral.

Pay 401K loansLos Angeles, CA

Interested in a personal loan for either 3000 or 10000, depending for how long, monthly payments and what would the interest be. Thank you kindly

Emergency AssistanceCharlotte, NC

I am writing because I have a serious financial issue. I am currently overseas in Doha Qatar and I need financial assistance in order to return home. I was working here as a contractor and the government has be downsizing. My position was one of the ones that was cut. My issue is that i took out a loan here in Qatar and the Qatari government will not let me leave the country until the debt is paid....

Loan for vacationBelton, TX

I'm wanting a loan for $1000 to $1500 to use for vacation with my grandsons in June and July.

To pay off debts and current bills.English, IN

I need a loan to help pay off debts and current bills. I was laid off from work and didn't qualify for unemployment. So i need help getting caught back up on child care bills, mortgage bill, utility bills, etc. I'm now back at work i just need that extra help getting back to where i need to be.

Extra funds for wonderful, exciting, career in nursing field/personal loanPort Allen, LA

1500.00 for supplies no included in tuition. Nursing equipment.

Personal loanHigh Point, NC

I need a personal loan for $4000 to pay off credit cards and catch up on my car payment.

$6000.00Metairie, LA

Pay lease for apt. and car repairs on back up. Car not primary.

Need Cash NowRiverview, FL

I would like to find a lender for a $3,000.00 loan, secured or unsecured. I have a vehicle for collateral. Thank you

Personal Loan with Bad CreditLos Angeles, CA

$20-50,000 Personal Loan to take care of minor debts, some medical bills & taxes.

Car loanPlano, TX

I have 2005 cad. cts need $3000-let me know if you can help.

Personal LoanPhiladelphia, PA

I need a personal loan for 4000.00 to help out with past due bills.

Personal LoanRaleigh, NC

Requesting $5000 to pay some bills off and get my car payment update so I won't lose my job as I interview for better jobs.

Personal LoanHagerstown, MD

I am trying to pay some of my credit off. I am looking for a 5,000 dollar loan.

Car down paymentColumbia, TN

I need $800.00 for a down payment on a car, and my credit is bad.

Leandra GrimesCoxs Creek, KY

I would like to borrow about $75,000 to buy the place that I am renting. I have bad credit but I am trying to buy my rental place and get back on track and get my credit and credit score back on track. I am desperate for a loan.

Restaurant and PubTyrone, PA

I need 50,000.00 asap for the purchase of a liquor license to open my business. It is easier to reach me via email and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you Andora

Loan inquiryHilo, HI

Personal loan... I would like to know if you are able to do a personal loan and repayment in a few years. I am not interested in a payday loan. Thanks

Personal LoanAnaheim, CA

I need a personal loan for $5000 to $10000 as soon as possible. Please get back to me via email.

Personal HardshipErlanger, KY

We are a somewhat low income family that has had a rough start. We just need someone to help us get on track. I started a great new job 2 years ago making the most I've ever made, but it's still not enough to pull us out of the hole yet. The bills are pilling up, passed do and disconnect notices. I'm paying on them, but not enough to make a big difference. I work full time, my husband (who is only...

Need a loan!Tucker, GA

I need a loan of 1500-2500. I have a good job, been working there since 2005. I get paid weekily, and my company pays my monthly expenses.

$2000 personal loanDunn, NC

Need a personal loan for some dental expenses not covered under insurance and for some back income taxes.

Consolidation loanMidland, NC

Looking for 30000 personal loan or a loan secured by land. Consolidating all loans and cards to pay off in a 4 year payback. At that time will be free of owing any unsecured items.

Personal loanBrandon, MS

In need of a personal loan for an emergency expense that came up suddenly.

Teacher in need I have a jobWalnut Creek, CA

2000.00 dollars. I am a teacher I don't get paid but once a month on the last working day of the month I need to pay my bills on time, the loan would allow me to stay paying on time.

Looking for a consolidation loanPocomoke City, MD

5000 for loan consolidation and catching up with bills since medical issues have been fixed. We have gotten behind on our bills due to wife having a quadruple bypass, need to catch back up sinc medical issues have been handled. Have been employed for 10 years the same company.

Bad credit personal loanAurora, CO

Bad credit personal loan. No payday loans. No out of country loan companies. No up front fees. Thank you.

3500.00Lavinia, TN

I am needing a loan for 3500.00. I know my credit isn't good but I am in a bad hole and I need money to get me out. I have 2 small kids and I just don't have enough money to go back and forth to work to make money.

Personal Loan for Auto RepairsSan Jose, CA

$850.00 to $1000.00 personal loan for auto repairs. I do have a vehicle with a clear title that I'm willing to use as collateral.

Personal loan to pay of bills to just have one paymentMission, TX

A personal loan for the amount of 4000 dollars but I also have bad credit want to pay off bills because they total about 1000 a month and just want one monthly bill.

Personal loanSummerville, SC

I would like a loan to pay off a loan company - which I pay bi-weekly, a pawn shop loan and (2) credit cards. I will need $4,000. I am re-establishing my credit. I am current with all of the above, I need to save on interest. These places are outrageous! No pay day loans - please. I would like to make monthly installments. Able to pay back within 36-48 months.

5000 personnal loanRed Creek, NY

I have bad credit and I am on social security, and in need of a vehicle.

2,500 Hundred Dollars Personal LoanGonzales, LA

$2,500.00 personal loan, with low monthly payments. I am retired and on a fixed income. I need the money to pay my car repair bills. If approve, please provide interest and monthly payments. Thank you.

Personal loanJacksonville, FL

Personal loan, just fiananced a vehicle, need money for insurance on vehicle.

1000.00 loanJacksonville, FL

Would I be able to get a 1000.00 loan with bad credit and only my retirement check as income. I would be able to repay by automatice deposit or allotment.

Personal FinanceSalem, IN

Need to put car up for calaterall need personal loan for legal issues.

Debt ConsoladtionToccoa, GA

Me and my wife need to consolidate our bills into one payment we both are stressed out because of all the bills, we are struggling just to put food ont the table, I'm the only one working because my wife has been too sick to work. If we can get enough to pay our medical bills and bills we have gotten behind on and out them into one payment we would be thankful and able to be happier and stress free....

Need financing for a PA liquor license as soon as possibleTyrone, PA

I need to secure financing for my liquor license as soon as possible or I will lose all I have invested and the license.

UrgentSan Diego, CA

I need 2500.00 right now. Bad credit report but I can pay back $250 a month.

Seeking a second Mortgage for a second ChanceGreenwood Lake, NY

Seeking a Second Mortgage/Home Equity Loan/Secured Home Loan to be used to pay off revolving CC debt and remaining to be reinvested into my business. I have been successfully and continuously self employed since August of 1998 in GC, Architectural Design, Real Estate Development and Owner Property Management. Once funding is secured I will immediately utilize professional services for Credit Repair...

Loan requestPontiac, IL

I need a loan for 25,000 to pay an balloon payment coming do.

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